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A good car insurance is in Thailand absolutely necessary. The many motorbikes make the traffic more chaotic then wat we are used to back home, the traffic rules are different and the other users of the road sometimes do unexpected things.

No matter how good you drive yourself, you do have more chance to be involved in an accident in Thailand. And if that happens, it is a comfortable feeling that 1 phonecall is enough to count on the service and back-up of a professional insurance company that will act immediatly but also takes care for a quick and efficient claim handling. We prefer to work with companies that provide all material and back-up in English.

Which car insurance is best for your personal situation depends on several factors like age and value of the car, but also on how well you want to be insured.
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Some frequently asked questions in the field of car insurance:

Do the companies actually pay?

The insurance industry in Thailand is, contrary to popular belief, well regulated and reliable. The answer is yes.

What should I do if I have an accident?

In some cases it is sufficient to complete an accident form. If there is any doubt about who is to blame and/or in case of major damage and/or simply because you can not communicate with the other party: Call the emergency number of the insurance company that is on the policy paper. The company will send a surveyor to the spot. He collects all data and writes an accident report. Needless to say that this part is much better organized than what we are used to in Europe. Regardless of whether or not a surveyor will come, it never hurts to make pictures of the situation.

Will I as a foreigner not always be blamed?

Many people think like that, but in practice it is not so bad. In the event of a collision with a pedestrian or motorbike, they will more easy get the benefit of the doubt. But also in the Europe the "weaker" road users are better protected so that's not surprising. Please keep in mind that most times a surveyor comes to the place of the accident. At that moment he represents you, while he also represents the insurance company. It is not in the interest of the company to get you blamed.

Do I, directly or indirectly, have to pay something?

You had an accident, the police came and told you to give the other party an X amount. This is because he/she must go to the doctor and can not work, because of your your fault, for one week. But even if it is your fault, pay nothing! That is why you have the insurance. But: In case of death or very serious injuries of the other party (so he/she can not work over 20 days), contact your agent/broker immediatly since this can have serious consequences.

Can I use my foreign driving license in Thailand?

The police will under no circumstances accept this and also some insurance companies don't accept it. In almost every insurance policy it says that the driver must hold a valid driver's license. And a valid driver's license is a Thai or an international one (Actually, if you stay longer than 3 consecutive months in Thailand the international license should be converted into a Thai driving license).

Is a rental car covered if my car gets repaired?

Unfortunately this is not covered.

A brief summary of the various types of insurance and what it exactly covers:

Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL)

This is the so called compulsory insurance for every motor vehicle. This insurance only covers for bodily injury or death. Third party property damage is not covered at all. Because of this minimal coverage, it is very risky to drive around with only this insurance. The following insurances are voluntary.

3rd class

This insurance is similar to the third party liability insurance in Europe. It covers third party property damage and medical expenses. Besides that there is coverage for medical expenses for the driver and passengers of the own car and it includes bailbond.

2nd class

This insurance coverage is the same as 3rd class, but also theft and fire of the car are covered.

3 + 1

This insurance covers the same as 3rd class, but also damage to the own car is covered up to the sum insured, but only in case of a collision with another motor vehicle and the identity of the other party is known. This insurance does not cover in case of an accident where no other party is involved or if the identity of the other party is unknown.

2 + 1

This insurance covers the same as 3 + 1, but also fire and theft of your car is covered.

1st class

This insurance is the best, comparable to the all risks (or fully comprehensive) insurance as we know it in Europe.
A First Class insurance is the best option and, compared to Europe, relatively cheap.
Important with First Class insurances: check the maximum coverages. A First Class insurance that covers maximal 250,000 baht for third party property damage can bring you big problems in case of a collission with an expensive car.

How can I make my car insurance cheaper?

There are several ways to make your first-class car insurance cheaper.

 1. Dealer garage / insurer garage

There are two types of car insurance available. If you opt for an insurance with "Dealer garage", you can bring your car to the official dealer in case of damage. If you opt for an insurance with "Insurer garage", you must bring your car to a garage that has a contract with the insurance company. The last option is usually about 20% cheaper. Each company has a nationwide network of contract garages, which deliver in general good quality.

 2. Named drivers

You can lower the premium by choosing for "named drivers" on the policy. maximum 2 names can be included in the policy. This is a good saving option if you never lend out the car. Should you still allow someone else then the named drivers to drive with your car and he/she causes an accident at fault, the car will still be covered, but there will be a deductible of 6000 baht for own damage.

 3. Deductible

For those who almost never have to claim, an deductible might be interesting. For example, an deductible of 3,000 baht lowers the premium with 2 to 3.000 baht. Of course you will only have to pay this deductible if you are at fault in an accident.

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