Health insurance

In case of emigration or a long stay in Thailand, in most cases you are no longer entitled to the basic health insurance of your country of origin. This means that you will have to take care of a decent health insurance by yourself.

In your home country you might be used to a system where all insurance companies must accept every applicant, regardless the medical history and age. In Thailand that is not the case. Insurance companies can even deny applications or come with exclusions. Also the premiums increase with age.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay in advance when I'm hospitalized?

It depends. The Thai companies in general work with contracted hospitals in Thailand. Usually they have a wide range of hospitals on their list, so there is always a hospital of your choice available. In general you don't have to pay in advance when you go to a contracted hospital. With most European companies you have total freedom in your hospital choice and usually they pay the hospital directly when it gets more expensive (e.i. more than 24 hours hopitalization).

Till which age can i apply?

Almost every company has an age limit until which you can apply. The younger you start, the more choice you will have. Applying at an age over 70 years old is still possible, but there will be a big risk that you will have exclusions, especially if there are health problems.

Will there be coverage abroad?

If you know before that you will travel frequently outside of Thailand, please inform us in advance. Some companies provide full coverage abroad, others limited.

Isn't it better to be insured in my own country?

Many European countries offer a very good compulsory health insurance. But unfortunately it not always possible to stay in such a plan when you move abroad. Always check this if you would like to stay insured in your state scheme.

Is the insurance getting more expensive with age?

Yes. In general the premiums will go up in age brackets of 5 year. Some stay affordable at higher ages, but with some the premiums will be shy high while getting older.

Should I read the general conditions?

Yes! Not nice reading material but oh so important. We can tell you the main features, but it is impossible to discuss all the details while there may be a condition that hardly applies to anyone but is indeed important to you.

The importance of honestly filling out the application form:
When applying for a health care insurance you will always have to fill out an application form. A medical questionnaire is included. Many times clients ask us if it is not better to leave something out on the medical questionnaire. It is very important that you always answer the questions in all honesty. After all, it is safer to be insured with an exclusion then think that you are insured but just when you need the insurance being kicked out because of failures at the application form.


What is the best option for you depends entirely on your personal circumstances. A good health care insurance is always tailormade.

Points of interest

For anyone who is looking for a health insurance, below some general explanation and points of intrest.

Kinds of insurance:

In Thailand there are two types of insurance available. Insurance policies that cover almost everything for 100% and the so-called limited insurances. In the last case there is a limit on almost everything. These insurances carry the risk that clients end up paying a (substantial) part of the hospital receipt by themselves.

Lifetime renewability of the insurance:

This is an important point if you plan to stay in Thailand for the rest of your life. In that case make sure the company guarantees that the policy will be lifetime renewable.

Inpatient and outpatient:

Most companies offer the opportunity to choose if you would like to insure yourself for inpatient only, or also for outpatient. Inpatient (hospitalisation only) is a term that is used in case you're hospitalized (admitted to a bed). Insure for inpatient only thus implies that outpatient (the regular doctor visits and the prescribed medication) have to be paid by yourself. Most people choose to insure for inpatient only as outpatient is relatively inexpensive and therefore easy to pay by yourself. In addition, the hospitals know how the system works and cooperate to make it inpatient as soon as something more expensive needs to be done. Every company uses a different definition for inpatient, so it does not always mean you have to stay overnight. Sometimes it's sufficient if you are assigned a bed for a short period of time, or if you are at least X hours in the hospital.

Pre-existing conditions

Pre-existing conditions might be excluded when you apply for an insurance plan. Some companies are very strict with this and exclude pre-existing conditions always, others are more flexible and accept this after all.

Medical examination:

For almost all companies a medical examination for persons that are 60 years or older is mandatory. With some companies this examination is very extensive, others require a small examination.


At some companies it is possible to take a deductible and thus lower the premium. This may be interesting if the "win back time" is not too long. Note however whether this deductible is per year or per illness / accident. A substantial difference.

Thai or Western companies

In principle, both Thai and European companies offer good packages. The best choice depends entirely on your personal circumstances such as age, family composition and health.

Waiting Periods:

At some companies you will be insured from day one. Other companies have waiting periods for 30 days for all diseases and often work with a standard list of more serious conditions that are subject to a waiting period of 120 or 180 days. Examples of these conditions are cancer, hernia, etc.

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